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2 years ago

This weekend, Reckner and I were in Roswell, GA, for a friend’s wedding. Given that we rarely travel to Georgia — and specifically rarely travel close to Atlanta — we used this opportunity to go to Sid and Ann Mashburn’s stores. Please note that the pictures above are not mine.  I was too enthralled and overwhelmed to snap pics.

As most of the folks who follow this blog know, I care about what I wear.  For guys, it’s not terribly hard or expensive to show up to an event looking respectable and like your mom didn’t dress you.  My affinity for presentation has been an evolutionary process.  I’ve always cared, but I’ve grown to be more particular and more concerned about certain aspects of my dress.  That being said, I’ve used Sid Mashburn and his store as a guideline for how a man should present himself.  His concepts are not heavy handed or forced.  And they are not dissimilar to the way that I dressed growing up.  

Mashburn provides men of all ages an opportunity to come into a store and purchase clothes that will last forever.  In describing my experience to a friend, I simply called it “accessible.”  From the moment you walk into the store, to the moment you leave, you are provided knowledgable service and are not pestered about what you’re looking at. The men working at the store loved Reckner and she, along with the young men working there, helped me pick out a number of “essentials.”  I picked up three new dress shirts and a pair of perfectly tailored gray dress trousers.  All of which are being fine tuned at the in-house tailor as we speak.

I could go on and on about the experience Reckner and I had at the store, but you all can simply imagine.  It’s a well-run operation that provides a personal experience that is incomparable to any other experience I have had.  Instead of discussing the experience in further detail, I wanted to use this opportunity to simply pitch the concepts and ideas that Mashburn provides at his store. I’ve been e-mailed and asked by a number of females about style.  And specifically, how they can get their boyfriends out of the pleated-pant and ill-fitting wardrobe phase of their lives.  Go to Mashburn’s website (www.sidmashburn.com) and just take a look.  Or just Google Sid Mashburn and view pictures of his style.  It’s simple.  The clothes fit.  And he doesn’t look like a schmuck.

As I said in the opening paragraph, it’s not hard to present yourself well.  And it’ll make you a more confident person.  The overwhelming majority of people who read my blog are females.  And I say this to you:  If your significant other dresses like a dope (and you live in the south)— take a trip to Atlanta sometime and visit this store.  I promise you that he will gain a new appreciation for what a guy should look like when he puts on some new threads.  

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